SIG is a member, as represented by Ms Rosemary Segero as the the President,  of of Manufacturing U.S.A, a network of regional institutes, each with a specialized technology focus sharing a goal of securing the future of manufacturing in the U.S. through innovation, collaboration and education which is supported by by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy Innovation Policy Forum that coordinates works of industry, academia, and government in spirit of public-private partnerships to help revitalize American manufacturing that conducts from time to time conferences symposiums that  feature cross section of senior executives from federal agencies industry and academia including representatives from Manufacturing USA.

SIG is as well in strategic partnership with construction companies like Clark Construction Group, one of the largest commercial and civil contractors in the country in building and civil construction and, Turner Construction, one of the largest construction management companies in the United States of America, that enables it to get experience that serve as an asset to help the startups, and SMEs to thrive and grow in manufacturing, construction materials and Job creation. Clark Construction Group is one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in the United States. Whereas Turner Construction is the largest general contractor in the country, and a leader in all major market segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, sports, aviation, pharmaceutical, retail and green building.

In addition, as representative of the private sector Ms. Rosemary Segero participate in Manufacturing caucus events held by The U.S. House Manufacturing Caucus of the House of Representatives, focused on enhancing the productivity, capacity, and competitiveness of American manufacturing. Likewise, she participate in manufacturing caucus events held by The Senate Manufacturing Caucus.