Rosemary Segero

Pres. of SIG

Ms Rosemary Segero

Ms. Rosemary Segero is the President Founderand Chief Executive Officer of Segero International Group Inc. (SIG) U.S. based Company that provides cutting edge perspectives and solutions to businesses enterprises. She graduated from Kenyan College in Secretarial, Commerce, and Business Administration works. Her entrepreneurial passion goes back to her upbringing having being raised in an established family prominent in public service.

She started her career as an English teacher. Then she joined the business community in Kenya trading in tea coffee and hides.  tIn course of time she was the managing Director of SANGO (K) LTD. A company that was engaged in buying tea and coffee, handling packing, supplying and exporting. Her business relation with the Gulf trade countries goes goes way back to mid-1980s when she first visited Saudi Arabia representing Kenya Arab Chamber of commerce in view of forging bilateral commercial relationship between business companies in Kenya and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia co-sponsored by the Kenyan Ambassador in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the government of Saudi Arabia. In 2000 she was sponsored by the US Embassy in Kenya to come and attend a Tea and Coffee Festival which was held in New Orleans Louisiana and Seattle Washington, The Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC also supported  wrote recommendation letters that would help her connect to tea and coffee buyers in the US.

In 2006 she led a USA delegation from Austin Texas University and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Company to Uganda to Invest in building a computer Plant in Uganda.  We met the Uganda partners including the President of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni. In th e process it stalled for reasons of bureaucracy. In this relation,  the University of Austin Texas and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Company invited her and the Ugandan counterparts to come and visit their plant in Austin Texas and the University of Austin Texas IT, and also sponsored the delegation to attend one of the World largest conference on IT while in Texas. In 2006 also, she led a non-profit organizations and Faith based organizations from the United States to Kenya to attend the First ever Energy and Climate Change conference in Nairobi, where she mobilized community organizations and schools including school children who attended to learn about climate change and energy. Following the conference she left along with some conference members for Uganda where they met farmers engaged poultry, pigs, chicken, goats, and cattle, staple and cash crops and cash crops farming. Subsequently, she returned to Uganda met with the then the Mayor of Kakamega in Western Kenya , and several community leaders and discussed about the growth and development of Kakamega, in Agriculture, tourism and infrastructure, and mining of gold following her father’s foot steps in commercial farming. Subsequently I migrated to USA and founded Segero International Group Inc. U.S. based Company and Hope for Tomorrow USA.

Her father Senior Chief Jeremiah Segero was well known public figure in Kenya during the British Colonial Era.  He was appointed to the position of Senor Chief Leader in Isukha Location in Kakamega District in the Republic of Kenya. While working as a Senior Chief of Isukha, Mr. Segero worked hard to develop his administrative constituency by supporting different business and economic projects and various socio economic development initiatives sponsored by the British Authorities at local and national level and by dealing with operations by different international companies from the United Kingdom and elsewhere including Kenya’s largest historical gold mine, Rosterman, GOLD Mines from 1935 -1952. He was as well one of the leading business entrepreneurs as well. He owned a coffee farm and established a coffee cooperative in his farm that helped farmers to empower them in marketing their coffee products and improve their standard of living feeding their family and sending their kids to school. In light of his public leadership, he was bestowed the Golden Medal Award by Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Kenya in 1959. The the multiple roles he played as a one of the founding fathers of the Republic of Kenya is outlined in the Who’s Who in East Africa 1967-68 publication of 1968 posted online in World Biographical Information System, the most comprehensive biographical online database, Senior Chief Segero has led a distinguished career in the fields of administration, development and education. As an off shot of research works in systematizing the works of Segeros International Group and Hope for Tomorrow, Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael has authored his biography.

The Caption reads: Senior Chief Jeremiah Segero who has served the administration for more than 25 years, was yesterday awarded the Queen’s Medal for Chiefs. Here he proudly shows his award to his wife Dinah, and his two-year old son Enoch. He was appointed a Chief in 1943 and was promoted to Senior Chief. He is regarded as the leader of modern thinking in his district. Senior Chief Jeremiah Segero was one of a number of people of all races in Kenya who were presented with honours and Awards at Government House Yesterday.



Her mother Mrs. Dainah Segero equally payed a great role in her capacity as the First lady spouse of Senior Chief Segero. She was a Community Women Leader. Mrs. Dainah Segero was among the pioneers of the Kenyan Giant women group Maendeleo Ya Wanawake (Progressive of Women) that partook in the Global Women Empowerment Conference which was held in Nairobi Kenya in 1985 and said to be the birth of Global feminism. This is the overall legacy of the Segeros family that led to the founding of the Senior Chief Segero Orphanage in 2005. There is the plan to expand it to a vocational School.

Proven international business entrepreneur

Ms. Rosemary has accumulated extensive business knowhow in many facets of business that includes
strategic planning, merchandising, marketing, revenue growth, financial management, and business development across continents including the United States of America, Africa, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.

Worldwide networks

As a business owner of SIG and an accredited representative of the private sector and civil society, she has been sharing her visions interacting personally with global leaders of intergovernmental and private international organizations and leaders of various- countries at various global and regional conferences and sessions hosted by the United States government, U.S. congress, World Bank and the IMF, U.N., African Union and by various embassies of various countries in Washington D.C., New York and other capital cities of the world on topics ranging in matters of setting norms and international standards in the field of global development and finance in view of promoting global worldwide entrepreneurship  so as to ensure sustainable growth worldwide. It is to be noted that she took her time and effort to correspond with Presidents Bush and Obama; Presidents and Secretariats of the World Bank and IMF and UN, Prime Ex Prime Minister Tony Blaire. She has been communicating as well, on the subject matter with G20, G7, G24, World Economic Forum and the World Trade Organization, and other organizations and leaders in Africa and around the World to support the SME’s. Similarly, she has written letters to the African Union Chairperson H.E. Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma on issues of development for Africa, and met her personally in Washington DC at various social occasions and events including in The United States-Africa Leaders’ Summit.

In due recognition of her efforts international investment in Africa on international level, She was invitedwas invited to attend B20 Summit Germany by Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner, B20 Germany Sherpa that was held in May 2 and 3 2017 in which proceedings to which proceeding she submitted on behalf of SIG a paper in support of the German G20 Presidency initiative that has  launched a G20 Africa Partnership under the rubric Compact with Africa Initiative, which aims to support private investment Africa, strengthening collaboration between interested African states and International Financial Institutions, and other partners to improve the framework conditions for private investors.

Champion of promoting U.S.-Africa all rounded relationship

Ms. Rosemary Segero is a Champion of promoting U.S.-Africa all rounded relationship. In this regard, she has been active participant in implementation of The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) bill and related capacity building and technical assistance programs, since its inception in 2000 serving in related AGOA committees, starting with the initial committee led by Rosa Whitaker, assistant U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) for Africa in the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and William J. Clinton who spearheaded the development and implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Ms. Segero has written series of letters to US President Baraka Obama on Africa, global and U.S. issues related to socio economic and cultural development and partook in various programs on African issues and development.

She presented, on invitation, an executive summary that highlighted the need of promoting commercial agriculture in Africa at The United States-Africj Leaders’ Summit, an international summit held in Washington D.C. from August 4—6, 20U where leaders from fifty African states attended a three-day summit. It was hosted by U.S President Barack Obama. The summit principally dealt with trade, investment and security of African continent.

Ms. Segero, supported US Congress Electrify Africa ACT OF 2013 H.R 2548 chaired by high ranking U.S. Representatives in Congress that articulated U.S. strategy to support affordable, reliable electricity in sub-Saharan Africa in order to improve economic growth, health and education in Africa.

Ms. Segeros was among the non-profit organizations based in Washington DC, US to select the Young African Leaders Initiative, she reviewed the young leaders from DRC and five of the young leaders from DRC were selected to attend the Young African Leaders Programs in the US and they also participated in the US-African Leaders which was held in Washington DC in 2014.

Ms. segero is as well a regular participant in civil society meetings including Congressional African Policy Breakfast meetings and dialogue organized by relevant committees of the US Congress and by the State Department and USAID. She attends programs on African issues and development at the CSIS, UN, Brookings Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, US Congress hearings and events, embassies and other governments and the private.

Gulf countries

Ms. Rosemary is conversant with the business environment obtaining in the Gulf countries (GCC). She has established business relations in the Gulf since mid 980s and is cognizant of endeavors that are been taken in the Gulf Countries in promoting the economic within in that region. She has kept up building her business portfolio with the GCC member states interacting with the public and private finance bodies and business communities constituents at large  by participating in different venues, forums events and exhibitions that feature government dignitaries, ambassadors, business entrepreneurs in the fields of trade, investments, finance, industry and petroleum products and interacting in yearly diplomatic and dignitaries’ galas held in Washington D.C., New York, and other states of the United States during the period running from 2011 to 2017 as hosted organizations of international caliber including The National Council on US-Arab Relations led by its President Dr. John Duke Anthony, The National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce led by its the President and CEO Mr. David Hamod.

Besides interacting with finance and development Dignitaries and senior officials, she has , at relevant events held in Washington D.C. , expressed her plans of expanding her company’s business operation to regional intergovernmental economic union that consists of GCC member States to various members of the Monarchies and members of the Royal families of  the region including His Majesty King Salman and His Royal Highness Prince Turki al- Feisal al Saud, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Talal Abdulaziz, and His Highness Amir of the State of Qatar and; and His Highness Deputy Amir of Qatar Abdullah bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

small and medium enterprises (SMEs

Dedicated advocate for support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs); Ms. Segero, is an active participant of the World Bank Spring and Annual Meetings. In line with current polices and platforms of the World Bank & IMF, and the United Nations on global development and investment, she has expressed her concern of the need of concerted effort towards providing effective support for SMEs apart from micro enterprises in terms of capital, information, and knowledge especially in developing countries in a model she termed The Missing Middle Link Concept (MMLC) taking into consideration that SMEs spur local and regional economies in contrast to Micro enterprises which are limited to household level. In this regard, she shared her ideas with Presidents of the World Bank and IFC officials including senior officials of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), with due consideration that one key area of the World Bank Group’s work is to improve SMEs’ access to finance and find innovative solutions to unlock sources of capital to enable this potentially dynamic sector to grow and provide jobs in the backdrop of the growing recognition by of the role that SMEs play in the realization of holistic economic development on an international scale in a holistic and multi-disciplinary context of human development as well as other concepts like competitiveness, quality of life or subjective well-being  to include alleviation of poverty and improving living conditions in developing countries. As part of this endeavor she is a great advocate on financial inclusion in connection with which she was engaged in her capacity as representative of the private and civil society in IT, and Digital Financing Revolution deliberations both at the World Bank and IMF Spring and Annual Meetings.

Promotion of women’s Welfare

She supports initiates that uplift women as part and parcel of the mission and vision of SIG particularly in the context of small and medium businesses advocating for financial inclusion. She  participated in the launching of the Online Platform To Expand Access To Finance For Women Entrepreneurs held in Washington D.C. at the World Bank Headquarters during 2013 Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and IMF led by IFC and G-20 partnership which occasion gave her the opportunity to meet with international personalities who participated in World Bank, IMF Spring and Annual meetings when the World Bank launched the financial inclusion support Framework where she met Dr. Jim Yong Kim the current president of the World bank; UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon; The World Economic Forum founder and executive Chairman professor Klauss Schwab; Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands; The Finance Minister of Russia with whom she discussed my interest that the MMLC be integrated into Financial inclusion.

Far and beyond, she has highlighted women’s cause in my interviews with U.S media like Voice of America and other Media outlets, and in her capacity as Women ambassador to Africa of Wico International.


Ms. Segero is an avowed philanthropist, as well. To her credit she has established Hope for Tomorrow a US-based international nonprofit organization that is tax exempt under code section 501(c)(3) whose mission and vision syncs with SIG in that the former empowers the underserved and vulnerable elements of society including orphans and fighting poverty by teaching them basic skills that would serve them well in business entrepreneurship.

HFT came about because of the untimely death of Ms. Segero‘s son Bob who was a victim of violence and robbery in Kenya who was killed by an orphaned and impoverished youth who thought to take advantage of the hospitality shown to those in need by Mr. Segero in welcoming them to his home. At the time of his passing he led an organization called Kenya Disability Concern in Nairobi and an orphanage in Kakamega District that educated and housed disabled and orphaned children. The pain and circumstances of his death helped to show Rosemary that if more of the vulnerable youth were given opportunities for employment and a good education, many would not seek to live off of violence, theft, and corruption. This painful experience and the awareness it brought inspired the birth of Hope For Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to educating young people about violence prevention and conflict resolution in order to support a healthy and safe society. The subsequent loss of her nephew Michael Segero, dioring the political violence that resulted from the Kenya National Election in 2007, further solidified Rosemary’s resolve to create Hope for Tomorrow as a way to address the issues that affect impoverished and unstable communities where youth (and the adults they grow up to be) often turn to violence and hate to express their frustration with society. Hope For Tomorrow seeks to educate and empower youth to turn away from violence and crime and seek out opportunities to enrich their life and the wellbeing of the larger community.

She contributed in a hearing at Capitol Hill, United States House of representatives regarding Child Soldiers and Violence Against Women During Armed Conflicts Symposium. Far and beyond, I have been interviewed by the U.S media like Voice of America and other Media outlets, samples of which are in youtube across the years.

She is also the ambassador for African Internally Displaced Persons Voice Foundation. It is an impact driven organization civil Society (CSO) with a strong and vibrant local and international community engagement platform with regards to humanitarian assistance and rights of the Internally Displaced Persons in line with the Kampala Convention. The African Internally Displaced Persons Voice Foundation have appointed me as their ambassador with due regard of my contribution.