About Us

Sig pool of expertise embodies the systemized knowledge of the features, techniques and know how progress made on international finance and development as an outcome of the combined knowledge base and experience of its directorship. On the part of Ms. Rosemary Segero president of SIG such knowledge takes account of her extensive interaction with an array of stakeholders through her career of decades as detailed in her executive profile. On the part of Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael it takes into account his extensive experience in public and private sectors as detailed in his executive profile and family legacy of public leadership in administration and Education at national level both in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Besides the international expertise of its directorship SIG has the services of two world class experts in the area of international agriculture science and rural development, and a host of outstanding seasoned agro science experts with extensive practical experience. As outlined in the Expertise Resource  web page as sub heading of the  About us web page Dr. Chitere is a specialist in Rural sociology and Community Development and will coordinate works of the projects on the ground in Kenya. In addition,, the projects will have the services of DR. Patrick C. Wilson. He has extensive technical expertise in agricultural, marketing and distribution, competitive value chains, international trade and has managed related programs in Africa. and middle East aAs outlined in the Expertise Resources web page as sub heading of the  About us web page.