Amanuel Ghebremichael

Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael

Expertise in International Law

Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael vice president of SIG leverages on his world class expertise in matters international law. He earned his LLM from the George Washington University. He has gathered extensive experience lecturing in international law in the University of Asmara, Eritrea for quite a number of years in public international law. Considerable part of his undergraduate study includes core economic courses. Furthermore, he also attended an informative and well planned training seminar on law and development Organized by the Swedish Institute for Legal Development (SILD) as funded by the Swedish Board for investment and Technical SUPPORT (BITS) and administered by ICS, entitled International Comparative Seminar on Law and development held in Stockholm 2-19 May, 1995. His area of focus includes International environmental law; International finance and global development; International criminal law; international civil aviation and International organizations and international treaties.

Practice in International Works cum domestic law

As an expert in his field of international and comparative law, Professor Ghebremichael has participated in a number of international, all African, as well as Sub-Regional Diplomatic Conferences geared at strengthening international measure in view of promoting trade investment and stability across the world held under the auspices, of the UN, African Union, IMF, World Bank, that involved adoption and fine tuning of international, regional conventions; agreements; protocols; memorandum of understanding and pronouncements, and addressed the development of appropriate laws, institutions, best guide practices and co-operation among law enforcement officers on African level in view of promoting regional cooperation among member states towards creating appropriate administrative, legislative, and institutional measures as synchronized with best practice guides and regulations established at regional and international level in view of promoting socio economic development and ensuring peace and stability in the framework of works of various Ministries in Eritrea.

Likewise, he has collaborated in various fora involving UN initiatives undertaken by its organs, specialized agencies offices, funds, programs, regional commissions and other related international organizations within UN system overall including International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Labor Organization (ILO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Bank Group (WBG) and World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and related organizations and programs including The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), The International Organization for Migration (IOM), Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), at improving socio economic progress in Africa in developing national institutions so as to be responsive to international and regional undertakings in promoting global development in all aspects.

He is well versed as well with features of International treaties of Civil Aviation and prepared national program for the Civil Aviation Authority of the International Airport of Asmara with a goal to ensure safety in international civil aviation. He prepared a well researched manuscript that dealt with protection of the global marine environment in view of strengthening existing strengthening the enforcement of the International regulatory mechanisms as contained in the international conventions of MARPOL and the London Dumping Convention with due consideration of the current developments of international environmental law and international criminal law regarding the protection of the environment, with emphasis on marine environment underscoring the appropriateness of continuous effort to develop best practice best guidelines that would serve as the basis for prescribing effective national and laws and related regional treaties on the subject matter in the thirteen regional seas instituted under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the Five Partner Programmes for the Antarctic, Arctic, Baltic, Sea, Caspian Sea and the North-east Atlantic Region. The International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE), a global network environmental compliance and enforcement practitioners dedicated to raising awareness of compliance and enforcement across the regulatory cycle; developing networks for enforcement cooperation; and strengthening capacity to implement and enforce environmental requirements, headquartered in Washington D.C recognized his works on protection of global marine environment.

Likewise, Professor Ghebremichael compiled studies on modem structure and governance of Chamber of commerce that would foster interaction among private business enterprises making up various sectors of an economy; modem governance of modem public servants;  comparative immigration law comparing and contrasting the European legal system on the subject matter versus common law legal systems, and interdependence of International international Conventions and domestic law on the topic of the rights and protections of minors in the context of civil and criminal law.

International development and Finance

Professor Amanuel and Ms Rosemary Segero  has been  researching extensively  with laser focus for the last five years in view  of articulating the professional profile of SIG systematizing and consolidating the efforts and accomplishments and considerable documentation of working documents and agendas pertaining to proceedings of the various International conferences and myriad platforms and venues and thus enrich the strategic vision, mission and various business operations of SIG across the spectrum as noted in the vision and mission and that involved interbreeding the vision and mission of SIG with the goals of global leaders in international finance and development that embrace The World Bank, IMF, UN and other concerned stakeholders from international organizations to national institutions and key players of the private sector serving as as strategic guide on the way forward. In this connection he as well conducted extensive rsearch in collecting relevant data in developing projects in line with the vision and mission of SIG.