SIG’s mission is to accomplish its vision by undertaking business operations that would foster the growth of the private sector in view of expanding access to sources of capital, industrial information, knowledge, skill and capacity building that are indispensable resources that business enterprise need to get established, thrive and grow. To reach its goal, the firm synergies the broad and cross-field knowledge, capabilities and expertise of its President, Vice President, and Directors.
In carrying out its business operations SIG would be leveraging on its broad business experiences accumulated over decades of years as here in below indicated briefly:
SIG leverages on  networking with global public and private leaders built over decades through Ms. Rosemary Segero untiring efforts as founder, CEO and President of SIG as an advocate of the need to aggrandize the role of the private sector by way of partaking in various international forums including conferences, seminars, symposiums and colloquia that provide policy, overview and insights on global economic development, among other things, hosted by various relevant forefront international organizations, namely The World Bank, IMF, The United Nations, universities and think tanks located within the Washington metropolitan area, think tanks where she has been interacting with American, Asian and African business entrepreneurs and thought leaders including monarchs dignitaries and Ministers of Finance Senior Directors of Banks, financial Institutions and investment authorities. Such vast networking serves as an indispensable asset for the works of SIG in providing real time information and analysis to its customer businesses as well as in conducting business operations in energy, manufacturing finance, development, agriculture, investment, consulting and more.
As a member of Manufacturing U.S.A, a network of regional institutes, in which manufacturers of all sizes partner with academia and government to share manufacturing technology and workforce challenges – and build a robust, sustainable R&D infrastructure, SIG in a position to tap into latest insights and resources made available under the auspices of Manufacturing USA and its partners and take it as a backdrop to guide SIG’s operations along with internal and external senior leadership, and executive personnel in providing effective, current and all rounded services including development, business modeling, design, and strategy to startups and growing business organizations from small to medium to large of all sizes that firms need to sprout and grow.
In addition, SIG is informed of  the policy prescribed by US Congress as per the experience gathered by Ms. Rosemary Segero partaking in briefings and roundtable discussions hosted by US Congress Senate Manufacturing Caucus, and House Manufacturing Caucus bipartisan groups with industry experts, in view of enhancing the productivity, capacity, and competitiveness of American manufacturing  by examining and promoting relevant policies, and makes  good use of information gained in such forums to spur job creation in manufacturing and associated industries in the United States of America that involves facilitating partnership between business entities US companies and their counterpart firms across continents which in turn spurs  overall global economic growth.