(SIG) vision is geared to advancing global growth and development through promoting business entrepreneurship that would generate jobs and create prosperity along with its attendant social progress in health, education, peace and security. As such, SIG’s  vision runs parallel to the  goals and objectives of international fiancé and development agencies including the World Bank & IMF, UN bodies and donors at global and regional level across continents whose overall objectives and goals is the reduction of poverty undergirded by commitment to promote foreign investment and international trade and the facilitation of capital investment in relation to which commitment relevant undertakings are prominently geared towards offering developmental assistance that  take the form of financial and technical assistance to both the private and public sectors through concerned respective institutions. It is in alignment as well with the landmark progress on the global level of leadership of finance and development as spearheaded by the World Bank as encapsulated the establishment of the Global Infrastructure Forum in 2016, an umbrella that reflects current global polices and guideline. The forum , according to the statement of Dr. Jim Yong Kim aims “to help bridge the infrastructure gap, as key for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”; It underscored  the importance of taking specific action to boost collaboration with the private sector indicating that Multilateral Banks and development partners will explore taking specific actions to achieve higher levels of private sector participation (PSP) in infrastructure”, and it called for for higher levels of interaction between all stakeholders including the public and the private sector.

Likewise, Ms. Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director testimonial in relation to private sector in the backdrop of B20 is informative of the IMF efforts as global leader in finance and development collaborating with B20 as a platform of G20. In her testimonial, Ms. Lagarde stated, “”As a voice for the private sector, the B20 brings invaluable experience and a fresh perspective to policymakers.”

In the context of SIG‘s vision it is to be recalled that Ms Rosemary Segero has been communicating in articulating the Comapny’s vision vision in view of getting financial support from the world Bank and IMF for her organizations viz.,  SIG and Hope for Tomorrow USA.  In the first place,Ms Rosemary Segeros conversed with the World Bank seeking for assistance in financing that focused on SMEs within the paradigm of private sector. Secondly she forwarded a letter on behalf of  SIG and IMF to Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, and Dr. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the occasion of the World Bank and Annual Meeting 2017 on August 17, 2017 in the spirit of cementing further her relationship with both the World Bank and the IMF as she has been part and parcel of their effort having been attending since 2008 in all conferences they have been hosting in Washington as one of the representatives of the private sector and civil societies taking into consideration the outreach programs of the IFC. The letter elaborated as well on the broad international business experience Ms. Rosemary Segero gathered as well as the international law and related fields of finance and development expertise of the Vice president of SIG Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael in carrying their operations efficiently and effectively. Herein below are the handing ceremony of SIG letters addressed to Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank and Dr. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF).