What we do

SIG is one-stop Company that delivers art of the state services in carrying out its multi-pronged versatile business undertakings coupled with the benefits of its prime location in the heartland of Washington D.C., that enables it to harness the extensive resources available for business enterprises in terms of partnering. Its business operations encompass agribusiness, manufacturing, mining, minerals, oil, gas, drilling and refineries, transportation, -air, land and sea- real estate, textile and apparel, machinery and equipment, renewable energy, telecommunications, Information technology, banking and financing, security, environment, tourism, sports and entertainment, education and health care, water and sanitation, and the academia. Our services include starting and building businesses, business management, business finance and business marketing plan. In providing cutting edge services SIG collaborates with global corporations, companies, firms, as well as small and medium enterprises in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. It partners, as well, with U.S. government agencies, corporations, firms and with worldwide with public and industry leaders and with large, medium and small investors.

SIG pool of expertise is informed of the broad outlay of international finance and development policies, recommendations and best guide practices laid down and elaborated by relevant global leaders in the field of economic growth including the World Bank, IMF, the United Nations, the leaders of the multilateral development banks (MDBs) that function in partnership with development partners, representatives of the G20, G-24, and G-77, the OECD, national leaders and private sector in view of involving all stakeholders in planning, financing through domestic resource mobilization as well as with national/international financing, and operating infrastructure services, bring together governments, consumers, the private sector and civil society.

Sig pool of expertise embodies the systemized knowledge of the features, techniques and know how progress made on international finance and development as an outcome of the combined knowledge base and experience of its directorship. On the part of Ms. Segero Ms. Rosemary Segero president of SIG such knowledge takes account of her extensive interaction with an array of stakeholders through her career of decades as detailed in her executive profile. On the part of Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael it takes into account his extensive experience in public and private sectors as detailed in his executive profile and family legacy of public leadership in administration and Education at national level both in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Moreover, the systemized review of progress made on international finance and development by SIG’s Vice President Professor Amanuel Ghebremichael that involved extensive research work of five years in condensing the general overall developments in the subject matter that serves as a reference in matters of vision, mission and operations of SIG. Such research was carried with the ultimate view of gathering data in developing timely project of SIG. In this regard, it is to be noted relevant information on the ever unfolding progress of international finance and development as an outcome of relevant international conferences held by World Bank and IMF Spring and Annual Meetings, United Nations as well as by Think Tanks and Universities in the Washington metropolitan area, as contained in a record of hard copies of pertinent Agenda, working documents, and outcomes that was meticulously kept by Ms. Rosemary Segero  as active participant in the World Bank and IMF Spring and Annual Meetings as well as in various  venues, as representative of the private sector and civil society, campaigning for greater role of the private sector coupled with her recollections of her intake memories as she interacted with participants in the relevant international sessions featuring public figures, world class academia and business entrepreneurs and one on one exchange of her views on relevant topics in respective meetings was indispensable. Such broad understanding of the status of international finance and development serves SIG as a reference in rendering par excellence real time information to customer enterprises across the spectrum from small to medium to large businesses, and in advocating for an ever increasing need of greater access to capital to SMEs across the world with due recognition of the decisive role they play in all economies as efficient producers, innovators and employers in modern economies to include considerations of narrowing the gap of the missing middle i.e. shortage of SMEs in developing countries which achievement would lead to sustainable global development. Fintech opportunities in overcoming the Financing Challenges of Global SMEs is an area of the current contours of the international and finance developments is a layer addressed in SIG’s terms of making use of appropriate policies and implementations mechanisms.